Conference services

To successfully conduct a seminar or business meeting at the “Irena” hotel, we offer the “Winter Garden” conference hall and a meeting room, both equipped with wireless internet and all necessary facilities. Our café features Ukrainian and European cuisine, allowing you to enjoy aromatic coffee with homemade pastries or a business lunch during breaks.

The Winter Garden is located in the hotel’s indoor courtyard, featuring a changing exhibition of artworks by the renowned Lviv artist Olena Zvir.

  • Area: 54.7 sq.m.
  • Seating: “Theater” – 35-40 people, “Classroom” – 30 people.
  • Rental cost up to 3 hours: 2500 UAH, more than 3 hours – 3500 UAH.

The meeting room, located on the ground floor of the hotel, is suitable for small meetings, trainings and seminars.

  • Area: 22.4 sq.m.
  • Seating: “Theater” – 15 people, “Classroom” – 12 people.
  • Rental cost up to 3 hours: 1200 UAH, more than 3 hours – 2000 UAH.

Available for your use:

  • Flipchart with notepad
  • Screen
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