Olena Zvir

The walls of the hotel are adorned with something special and warm, something that helps to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere for you. This is the work of Lviv artist Olena Zvir.

This artist and her paintings are known and loved not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and the Ukrainian-American Association of Artists “Fate.” Olena graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts with a specialization in “Artistic Textiles.” Perhaps that is why she loves constantly inventing new techniques and applying them in her works, especially with batik, to feel and convey new nuances of mood in the flow of events, impressions, and feelings.

Olena’s works are diverse in theme and emotions, varied in her experimental methods of embodiment: excitement, fear, hope, and enthusiasm, love and tenderness, joy, and nostalgia, “cosy” pastel ones alongside bright and dynamic ones. Her creations depict the past and the present, harmony, and chaos. The all are different, just like life itself. They also allow a bit of playfulness! None of them is a monochrome and contains a hidden image that deepens the foreground to infinity, enhancing your sense of space and imagination.

Visit the “Irena” hotel. Here you will not only have the opportunity to spend time surrounded by the works of this famous Ukrainian artist but also to purchase the pieces that resonate most with your soul.

Selected works by Olena Zvir

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